Doggie Trail

As many of you know, I am a strong animal lover. I have been saving for my dog Besos for a while now. Anyways, I have had the honor to work with my dear friend Kate Cherdantzeva owner and founder of Doggie Trail. If you are a lucky one and live in the Cambridge area. She has a company that will come and take your doggy out and even take it over night if you are headed out of town for the weekend. Kate is a trustful person with a warm heart. If you can trust anyone with your puppy it is her! She treats all the dogs like they are her own. Anyways, I have a love for dogs and if you do too and live in Cambridge MA. You should definitely check her out . One day when I get my puppy I wouldn't have anyone but her let me know what to do! I believe she also does training. Feel free to reach out to her or you can ask me too for more info. 

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