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I recently had a friend send me an event invitation to Desire Not Even Your Own's event. I had to look into it and you should too! Here is a little information about the project below- Also maybe I will see you at one of their events : check them out here

Have you ever bought something because of the packaging?  And what did that packaging sell you other than the product?  Or have you gone through your clothes closet and wondered, “What possessed me to buy this?” or, “Where did I think I was going to wear that?”  We often are not purchasing a product but an image of ourselves, a hope, a goal.  There is a different kind of need being met when we buy.  I am amazed at how deeply marketing messages are embedded in my own psyche and how easily they seem to shape us and our desires.

Desires not even our own is a temporary public art project located at 405 Centre Street in Hyde Square, Boston.  This project is an attempt to create the inverse of a fast, compulsive consumer cycle through a quietly disruptive deconstructing slowness, creating a space which propagates empathy through observation, knowledge, and making.

Desires not even our own looks at how our own disconnection to ourselves, our needs, and our wants affects the lives of others—specifically, the workers who labor in unfair and dangerous situations--and how our environment is being devastated through overuse of natural resources, pollution, and waste created from our over-production and over-purchasing. 

It begins with the thoughtful processing of one ton of used clothing, folding, unknitting and unstitching; bringing the garments back to their smallest parts; acknowledging the hands that made the garments and the resources used.  The desires not even our own shop will then be open to the public, offering an in-depth look at the layered and interlocking problem of American consumer behavior and culture, and also--so we do not despair--simple gestures one can begin to do to break the consumer cycle.  Please come and experience a growing, learning, observing, and making space.  Hands-on workshops, artist talks, and panel discussions will be free and open to the public.  See our calendar of events here

You are also welcome to come and take pieces of disassembled clothing to, in turn, make, mend, or just appreciate.  Please share your stories and things made from the pieces here.

Humans have a fundamental worth aside from what they project, purchase, or produce.  It is my hope that this project will remind us of this.

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