La Petite Boutique


I recently came across this cute boutique in Winthrop minutes away from downtown Boston. I loved hearing about the story of how this boutique all began.La Petite Boutique is owned and operated by Sarah Roth-Oosten, a Winthrop, MA native. Sarah started her career with organizing and choreographing fashion shows at prestigious art universities. After receiving a Bachelors Degree with a double major in Psychology and French, she went on to earn a Masters in International Business with a focus on Entrepreneurship. While living in France, she continued her career by starting her own fashion event production company called HYPE Fashions ( Her love for fashion  led her to open La Petite Boutique in 2013. La Petite Boutique is a small, chic boutique located in Winthrop, Massachusetts USA. We carry designer goods, hand picked vintage jewelry, and a variety of contemporary garments & accessories for all sizes and all ages. I recommend stopping by to check out their cute items and view their website

Uproot Events will be doing an event with La Petite Boutique early in 2020!




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