NADJARINA-What Is Conscious Luxury?

Written by Cassell Ferere

Published in PAGE Magazine


Bringing mindfulness & depth to the fashion landscape is a driving force for the Nadjarina brand. The brand believes that sustainability is a focus on more than just the fabrications- it is also a focus on the community of people who bring the Nadjarina vision to life, and the integrity and quality of a garment.

It is important to the Nadjarina brand that they bring a sense of community and humanity into the workspace, especially in an industry so well known for the lack thereof. “So many brands today market organic fabrications or recycled materials, but when you check the garment tags, you’re still finding that they’re made in regions notorious for slave labor. The cost of a garment is more than the number listed on the pricetag- human lives are at stake,” says Lindsey Mallon (founder of Nadjarina).

An emerging brand redefining industry standards with its Conscious Luxury ethos, Nadjarina is constantly seeking solutions to further sustainability within every aspect of the company. The new branding concept is the next step in innovative solutions.

 "Hangtags are important for branding, but will inevitably be removed and trashed once you bring your purchases home, adding to the waste cycle. We looked at recycled materials & compostable hangtags (which our logo hangtag will be of), but we wanted to push that concept further. Our About hangtags, once removed from the garment, can now be planted to grow lavender or wildflowers or herbs! " explains Mallon.

"Sustainability in our brand focuses on more than just environmental impact. Yes, using natural resources and minimal waste practices, a small carbon footprint - those are all things important, and things we focus on. Sustainability is also about the community that brings our vision to life. There are human lives, hours of labor, work conditions that create a quality of life for everyone involved. We need to talk about that too, and start challenging the industry to set that bar higher, and use fashion to empower those around us"(Lindsey Mallon, Founder).

All development and manufacturing are done in a sunlit atelier in downtown Los Angeles by passionate crafters and fair-trade practices. Each piece has careful attention to tailoring, fit, and use. Lindsey notes “we move in each piece as we develop our patterns, and anticipate the wearer’s needs to execute impeccable technical details from development into production”. 

Nadjarina’s wools and novelty silks are sourced from Italy and London and a high-end Chinese producer (that is where silk originated, after all). Knits are knit in Los Angeles. Cotton is sourced locally from LA and the US, or Japan. Lambskin is of the finest quality, sourced from Italy. Their “basic” silks such as habutai or chiffon are woven in New Jersey (yes, silks are woven in the US!). Some fabrics, such as the gold-flecked chiffon of the F/W 2020 season, are custom designed and made for Nadjarina.

This collection focuses on highlighting gorgeous, luxe fabrics. Sultry, delicate pieces play against homme-inspired relaxed fits, and unexpected fabrics and materials- really emphasizing a multi-faceted modern woman for whom she designs.

Beautiful textured silk dresses with delicate chain straps; perfectly tailored suit dresses in a gorgeous silk/wool blend with a metallic print running through; asymmetric ruffled hemlines on a metallic wool/silk jacket or cream leather skirt; an updated version of our favored asymmetric lapel jumpsuit; suit jackets reinvented with leather and delicate chain.

These are pieces that evoke a dose of confidence, creativity, and individuality; pieces with a versatility that enables the wearer to create her own storyline into the pieces, layer and mix and match, and (most importantly for her busy lifestyle) pieces that blend easily from casual daywear to work to evening to keep up with her dynamic day.

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