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This morning as scanning through youtube videos and I came across a model who was interviewing other models and their tips. I thought the concept was interesting and wanted to share the model blog with you. I believe he is based out of L.A. His name is Francis Polo and here is a little background info about him : 

Francis Polo is a model, actor and social influences focusing on fashion, health/fitness, and lifestyle.

Francis is a native of Lagos, Nigeria. It wasn’t until the age of 16 that he moved to the United States to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a model/actor but first refining his skills at Columbia College Chicago where he received a Bachelors in Film & Video. He also attended renowned training centers such as Act One Studios and Second City Chicago.

Francis is represented by Role Model Management, and EMG Models. Here is his website The featured image was off of his blog for More Interesting Styles for NYFW 2020. 

Looks like he is really putting his career into full motion! I have watched many model bloggers out there and he is going all out. He has a store on his site a book, blog and a Youtube channel. Its hard to keep up. If you are a model and looking for "model" advice you can definitely check out his site too. I am inspired to learn more about what other models are doing and what is out there. I definitely think his Film and video studies are kicking in for these videos. 

Anyways what do you think about making Youtube videos? Do you watch them? Do you think his tips are good? I was impressed how much he put himself out there and how much support he is getting. Feel free to comment below. 

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