Simple Salad Recipe for Corona

I have been making this recipe from 'Weekend at The Cottage' during Corona as it is simple and doesn't require many ingredients. It is also super refreshing as things start to warm up. Let me know how it goes and send me a photo! 

this recipe for a CUCUMBER, AVOCADO and FETA SALAD was the result of it.

Maria explained how she and her daughter Jelena like to take cucumbers, avocado, and feta cheese and toss it with lemon and dill to create a simple but fresh tasting salad. The idea sounded simple enough, and with just a few simple considerations we were sitting down to enjoy it in no time.


CUCUMBER – We used an English cucumber, but any variety will work for the recipe. While there’s no need to seed the cukes, I do like partially peeling them, which makes the salad more visually appealing.

AVOCADO – Try to make this salad with perfectly ripened avocados, the bigger the better. Be careful with how much you handle them to avoid mushiness.

FETA CHEESE – We cubed the feta cheese for this recipe, but adding crumbled feta can work too. I suggest you taste the cheese before adding it to the salad to get a sense of the sodium level – you don’t want the end result to be too salty.

LEMON & DILL – Much of the beauty of this salad comes from the flavour combination of fresh dill and lemon. If anything, add more than we suggest to boost the fresh taste.

Although this salad is perfect for lunch or a light dinner, you can also serve it as a side with our GRILLED CHICKEN, MIXED GRILL or BARBECUED SALMON FILLET. It might be my new favourite goes-with-everything salad recipe.

Simple food shouldn’t be boring and this salad proves it. Make our CUCUMBER, AVOCADO and FETA SALAD and find out why.

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